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Become a Bison

Becoming a Bison - NDSU Mens Club Lacrosse

North Dakota State University Men’s Club Lacrosse Team tryouts begin in late August.

Players interested in joining our program should contact Jake Legato or Zach Bosh. Contact information available on the right. 

We understand potential players may not be able to make tryouts or may have scheduling conflicts. Alternative arrangements may be made for later in the year. We look forward to talking with you!

Next Steps!

Email with the following information along with your name and lax recruit in the subject line.

  1. Class of (year in school):
  2. High School Team:
  3. High School Coach and Phone Number/Email:
  4. Club Team:
  5. Club Team Coach and Phone Number/Email:
  6. Position:
  7. Height and Weight:
  8. Any recruiting film available?
  9. Intended Major:
  10. GPA:
  11. ACT/SAT Scores:
  12. Have you applied to NDSU?
  13. Parent(s) name and contact info

A coach will be in contact with you shortly. Thanks for considering NDSU!

Zach Bosh

Head Coach

Phone: 218-329-1964

Jeff Wright

Recruiting Coordinator

Phone: 612-208-5004

Anthony Banak

Player Recruitment Rep

Phone: 763-568-6616